RCF Partner with CADENA for Mozambique Outreach

The Ramson Cross Foundation Partnered with Cadena South Africa and funded a humanitarian aid outreach to Mozambique.

We are proud to have achieved the following:
– 27 300 Mozambicans have access to clean water for the next 5 years
– 1500 hygiene kits were distributed to the most vulnerable in displacement camps
– 412 school girls were provided with reusable menstrual hygiene support, increasing the likelihood of them completing their education
– 100 families received solar lamps
– 6¬†#CadenaSA¬†volunteers’ hearts changed forever

Thank you Cadena South Africa for giving us the opportunity to enable you to embark on missions like this.

YouTube video links:


RCF and CADENA Mozambique 1

RCF and CADENA Mozambique 2

RCF and Cadena Mandela Day